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Every Person Inspired to Create

Studio K in Kansas City Community Garden

Studio K Visits Kansas City Community Gardens

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EPiC Elementary School, 650 Conistor St, Liberty, MO 64068, USA

Equip Learners

Equip Learners

EPiC promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, where innovation is second nature.

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Empower Creativity

Empower Creativity

EPiC continually ignites and nurtures the creative spark in every child as they discover the power they have to impact the world.

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Engage Communities

Engage Communities

EPiC learners identify and engage communities with the objective of making a positive impact, leading with creativity, ideas, and the flexibility to adapt and problem-solve.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Students Thinking about Business Plan

Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset helps you to be super creative and solve problems by encouraging you to think of new ideas and solutions. It also teaches you to be really clever and take charge, so you can handle challenges, think in cool new ways, and go after exciting chances to grow in school and in your own life!


Having Perseverance helps you to be determined and bounce back when things don't go as planned. It also teaches you to keep trying really hard, work with all your might, and stay focused on your big goals, even when things get tough. When you are working through a challenge, you keep a positive attitude. You can do it!


We believe that you should do the right thing even when no one is looking. That means telling the truth and being sincere so we can trust each other. We also have accountability, which means taking responsibility for what we do, saying sorry when needed, and making things right again.

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